Honorary Fraternity of the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band
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Back Row (L-R): Sam Kluger, Jeremiah Machado, Colin McAndrews, Mike Ewan, James Dorko, Aeneus Evans, Brandon George, Jack Fried, Liam Hodgson, Teddy Potter, Thomas Rapp, Matthew Selzer

Middle Row (L-R): Michael Manchini, Sam Kelly, Nick Chapman, Jeff Boothe, Jim Kinter, Scotty Poepoe, Austin Raup, Josh Young, Elian Pineiro, Crissy Shannon, Davis Herchko, Tyler Eklund, Will La Torre, Jacob Diefes, Neil Ras

Front Row (L-R): Ginnie Schaap, Justin Sherman, Hannah Beegle, Bernie Cornali, Kaitlyn Nuebel, Ellen Troyanosky, Nick Lehman, Nick Zullo, Alexa Sciarra, John Jendrzejewski

2019 - 2020 OFFICERS


Vice President of Membership:

Vice President of Operations:




Jacob Diefes

Mike Manchini

Josh Young

Tyler Eklund

Will La Torre

Colin McAndrews


  • To strive at all times towards the attainment of the highest possible musical standards in marching and playing;

  • To assist the administration of the band in its day-to-day operations;

  • To aid all band members in their daily rehearsal and performance;

  • To provide pleasant social functions for the band at large;

  • To cooperate, in every manner possible, with any other organization engaged in service to the Band;

  • To help foster a positive and favorable image for the University of Pittsburgh Department of Bands in the eyes of the University;

  • To honor outstanding band members


2020 New Brothers

Bryce Ryan, Rachel Gibas, Jacob Natkin, Ayanna Freeman, Alison Helfer, Alex Kwiatkowski, Ashley Kort, Courtney Campbell, Jerod Trexler, Marissa Gold



140 Allequippa St

Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Faculty Representative:

Matt Alosi - Assistant Director of Bands

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